About us

Who are we?

The Social Enterprise Awards are the only national awards for Australian social enterprise.

The aim of the Awards is to increase awareness of the role and diversity of social enterprises in Australia by creating a long term, high profile event.

The Awards began in 2013 and are run by Social Traders annually.

Who are Social Traders?

Social Traders is Australia’s leading social enterprise organisation.

As leaders of Australian social enterprise, we develop, open up markets and provide appropriate capital to social enterprises. Social Traders is the only organisation in Australia to offer this full suite of products to assist the development of social enterprises throughout their lifecycle.

Alongside this suite of products we produce industry¬≠ wide events, awards and research, all dedicated to helping social enterprise in Australia reach its full potential.

Established in 2008 based in Melbourne as an independent not for profit company limited by guarantee, we receive core funding from the Victorian Government through the Community Support Fund and a private foundation.

We believe business can do good and that social enterprises generate benefit by creating employment, providing access to services and strengthening local communities.

Through our social enterprise development products and industry leadership activities we work hard to break the cycle of disadvantage and build resilience in Australian communities through social enterprise.

By using our expert knowledge and partnerships we help organisations of all shapes and sizes find better ways to achieve and contribute to sustainable social impact and change.

Find out more at www.socialtraders.com.au

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