2014 Winners

Winners of the 2014 Social Enterprise Awards were announced on 12 June 2014, at an awards ceremony hosted by Social Traders and PwC in Southbank, Melbourne.

The 2014 Award winners generated a broad range of social impact in a variety of community settings across Australia.

Winners were commended by the judging panel for their impact, strong business models and ability to demonstrate leadership and good governance.

 Social Enterprise Of The Year (Small)

Prize: $5000

Seed Parks And Property Maintenance (Seed Ppm)

SEED Parks and Property Maintenance (SEED PPM) employs previously long-term unemployed people in North Brisbane to deliver commercial landscape maintenance, residential gardening and commercial cleaning services. (QLD)

Presented By: Pwc


Social Enterprise Of The Year (Large)

Prize: $5000

Clean Force Property Services

Clean Force Property Services is a commercial contract cleaning service providing employment for people from disadvantaged backgrounds including those with disability and mental illness. The social enterprise is a subsidiary of WISE Employment Ltd. (VIC)

Presented By: Australian Government, Department Of Social Services


One-To-Watch Award

Prize: $5000

40k Group

The 40K Group delivers training programs to Australian students and corporate organisations to operate more socially minded businesses. Profits from these programs are invested into delivery of education in India. (NSW)

Presented By: Australia Post


Social Enterprise Investment Award

Prize: Tickets, Flights And Accommodation To An International Conference Of Your Choice

The Integrated Medical Clinic

The Integrated Medical Clinic, investment by Social Ventures Australia, Social Traders and cohealth. (VIC)

The Integrated Medical Clinic (TIMC) is a General Practice and allied health medical clinic owned by North Yarra Community Health (NYCH), a large not-for-profit community health centre based in Collingwood, Victoria. TIMC’s profits will be used to subsidise free and below-cost community health services offered by NYCH.

Presented By: City Of Melbourne


Social Innovation Award

Prize: Tickets, Flights And Accommodation To An International Conference Of Your Choice

Thankyou Group

Thankyou Group (formerly Thankyou Water) was created to fund water, food, health and hygiene projects in developing nations. The Group derive their profits from the sale of bottled water, food and body care products in a range of retailers across Australia. (VIC)

Presented By: Ian Potter Foundation


Buy Social Award

Prize: Respect, Love And Gratitude

City Of Gold Coast

The City of Gold Coast has developed a procurement strategy and implemented new processes to directly deliver social outcomes to their community. The ‘social benefits provider procurement’ and ‘buy-local’ procurement strategies harness the purchasing power of the Council to create hundreds of jobs in the Gold Coast area. (QLD)

Presented By: Ian Potter Foundation  

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